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NEC GROUP is providing unique integrated construction services that makes any real estate investment simplified, guaranteed and under control.

Construction is much more than budgets, time schedules and excel sheets, especially the successful ones. We prove it by more than 100 completed projects in the last 10 years. Our formula is simple, and we are eager to share it –

“Know the goal and make it happen beyond client’s expectations”

With diverse team of 25 construction professionals, NEC Group covers the entire spectrum of services, necessary to meet the project needs and deliver optimum performance. Unparallel results are achieved thanks to the “know the goal” approach. By applying proven in time methodology, we manage to acquire the real goal in front of our clients and from then on to set out the appropriate project execution plan. “Know the goal“ place us in a position where assess our client’s business in order to improve their future buildings so they can serve them in the best possible way.

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