NEC GROUP provided Project Management services and Consultancy to Xura Israel for term of 9 months and supported all renovations, extensions, relocations and subleasing processes that were processed by the client in their office building in Ra‘anana.


The gross area of the building is more than 40 000 square meters in 16 floors and 4 underground levels consisting of workplaces, offices, board and conference rooms, collaboration, informal areas, parking and shared function areas (dining rooms, cafeterias and etc.)


List of managed subprojects:

• Full infrastructure and fit-out works for 6th floor: area of 1500 square meters

• Changing the layout and infrastructure of 7th floor for subleasing to tenant: area of 700 square meters

• Changing the layout and infrastructure of 15th floor East wing for internal purposes: area of 300 square meters

• Changing the layout and infrastructure of 8th Floor: area of 250 square meters for subleasing purposes

• Extension of existing Cafeteria: area of 60 square meters

• Various minor construction works at different areas for the needs of the client


Our services included:

• Design management

• Project management; as the only representative of the client, NEC GROUP managed all procedures and parts of the project, including but not limited to the preliminary site survey, materials research, tender procedures for all of the works.

• Construction cost control and invoice approval process

• Site supervision and quality management

• Progress control (quantitative and qualitative)

• Contracts, claims and variations management

• Space, functions and market analysis

Other projects