NEC GROUP provides all of the advice and support you need for the development of new project ideas and their eventual realisation.

Before making investment decisions, it is essential for investors, clients and developers to check project ideas for viability and to identify all of the technical, operational and economic boundary conditions in good time and with sufficient accuracy.

With this in mind, NECG provides the following services:

  • Concepts
  • Master plans
  • Feasibility studies (and bankable studies)
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Preparation of project financing

Design and planning

NEC GROUP can provide all of the design and planning services you require for the implementation of a project, including:

  • Site documentation
  • Conceptual design and approved conceptual design
  • Permit application design
  • Bid design and optimisation of alternatives for general contractors
  • Detailed and tender design
  • Construction design

If required, NECG can also provide a range of other services, such as the acquisition of all of the necessary permits.


Making decisions relating to the awarding of projects requires a significant amount of detailed technical, economic, legal and contractual knowledge.

Depending on the business area and client, NEC GROUP can provide a range of services that cover the entire procurement process. These include:

  • Cost estimates
  • Procurement strategies
  • Elaboration of tender documents
  • Co-ordination of contract award procedures
  • Tender evaluation and contract award recommendation
  • Assistance in contract negotiation

Construction Management

Close professional supervision of construction works is a vital precondition for ensuring that a project is completed on time, within budget and to the highest quality.

During the critical implementation phase, NEC GROUP supports its customers by providing the following services:

  • Site supervision and construction supervision
  • Construction management
  • Consulting services during construction
  • Construction cost control and invoice approval processes
  • Contracts, claims and variations management
  • Public relations work
  • As-built documentation
  • Project control
  • Health and safety coordination

Project Management

Professional project management is a basic prerequisite for realising any projects aims in terms of time, quality and cost.

NEC GROUP has many years of experience in the preparation and execution of very complex, large-scale interdisciplinary projects. Using this experience, NECG can perform project management tasks as the prime consultant.

Within the framework of project management, NECG provides the following services:

  • Definition of targets
  • Project organisation
  • Quality management
  • Progress control (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Project management (deadlines, processes, costs)
  • Contract and claim management
  • Decision and change management
  • Documentation management
  • Communication and information management
  • Health and safety planning

Bank financing control

NEC GROUP provides the following services:

  • Investment control
  • Project monitoring
  • Due diligence

Construction supervision

ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING GROUP has been licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and as a Consultant, according to the requirements of the Territorial Planning Act (certificate No. РК - 0016/02.02.2018).

Based on this certificate, ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING GROUP implemented:

  • Assessment for compliance of investment projects with the essential requirements for building works
  • Structural supervision during the construction process


With our long experience and profound knowledge of the best, most up-to-date materials for interior design, NEC GROUP can offer:

  • Design & Build services (implementation of all phases from design to facility commissioning)
  • Fulfilling the function of General Contractor for office interiors construction, according to already developed projects
  • Responsible construction management at all project stages


The concept of turn-key construction from NEC GROUP is simple:


We take care of everything


We will take care of the planning, design and construction of your project from start to finish, ensuring that your every need is met.

BREEAM Certification

NEC GROUP offers the BREEAM certification of your buildings.


What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is the world's foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings, with more than 200,000 buildings with certified BREEAM assessment ratings and over a million registered for assessment since it was first launched in 1990.

BREEAM sets the standard for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognized measures of a building's environmental performance.

A BREEAM assessment uses recognized measures of performance, which are set against established benchmarks, to evaluate a building’s specification, design, construction and use. The measures used represent a broad range of categories and criteria from energy to ecology. They include aspects related to energy and water use, the internal environment (health and well-being), pollution, transport, materials, waste, ecology and management processes.

A Certificated BREEAM assessment is delivered by a licensed organizations, using assessors trained under a UKAS accredited competent person scheme, at various stages in a buildings life cycle.